Problem uploading images

Yes. I uploaded a small image and a largish .PDF with no issues in FTP:

I’m running Omeka 3.1.1. Are there any bugs fixed in Omeka 3.1.2 that could cause this?

There’s really been very little change in the relevant code for storing files in quite some time, and I’m not aware of any outstanding bugs related to it.

I’m low on ideas at this point: you might be best checking with support from your web host.

I have one last possible suggestion, see my post on another user’s thread reporting the same kind of problem recently. It’s worth a try, anyway.

@jflatnes Thanks for your effort and suggestion. I will try that during the weekend. But for the time being I have bypassed the problem by setting up a clean Omeka on another server, and imported all elements with API Importer. And that went well. No problem uploading images on that server.

@jflatnes I’ve finally managed to work on this again and the addition of “storage.adapterOptions.useCopy = true” to application/config/config.ini seems to have worked. I’ll do some more testing though.

Many many thanks. I’ll pursue the pdfText issue with my service provider

My service provider has now enabled the PHP functions that allow PdfTest plugin to work. So all now working again. Thanks