Problem moving site

I am attempting to move a site from one server to another. The issue may be one of Omeka versions.

The original server is running 2.1.2. The reason I am moving is because I do not have ftp access to the original server. (Difficult or lazy ISP will not fix a server issue).
The new server is running Omeka 2.5 and this runs OK. I have updated the various files and with the original database it works fine.
I imported the database by dropping the existing tables and importing the tables from the original database using phpMySQL.
However, after the database transfer the site will not run. It produces an Error 500 message and the url in the browser ulr bar goes to Mysitename/install. The database contains the content.
Is this likely to be an incompatability between the Omeka 2.1.2 and 2.5 databases?
If so, can I upgrade the original site to 2.5 without needing ftp access? I am reluctant to make any major changes to the site without full access as at least the old site is running at the moment.

There are some little changes in the database, so you have to upgrade your original Omeka to 2.5, version by version (2.2, then 2.3, then 2.4, then 2.5) before copying it in your new server.

Thanks Daniel,

This is what I suspected, but it’s nice to have it confirmed.


I have copied the original site files and database at the 2.1.2 version to my new server, as I cannot easily get the files off the original server.

Omeka is now running but there is no content. Specifically I can see Items, Collections, Users and Simple Pages in the database, but they do not appear in the site.
In administrators mode it reports the Omeka version as 2.1.2.

It looks like there is one more setting/tweak to go but I cannot see what.
Can anyone see where I have gone wrong?


Are you sure you maintained the right settings in db.ini when you moved servers? In particular, the “prefix” setting would be an easy one to miss if you had a custom one before.

If done correctly, when you move an Omeka site and database, you shouldn’t encounter the install screen at all. (You should also be able to upgrade from your version to 2.5 all at once, but that’s a little beside the point I suppose.)

Thanks so much John.

I was unaware of the prefix setting and that was the issue. My site on my new server is now the same as the old one.

I can will now update Omeka, make a backup and sack my previous ISP.