Private user space within Omeka S


I work for a university and I am looking into Omeka as a platform for researchers to share their research collections. The idea we would like is for researchers to be assigned a section of our Omeka instance, and for this to be a private space for them and their collections. From this space they can then publish items, collections and exhibits. We do not want other registered users of our Omeka instance to be able to see or use another researcher’s items within the admin dashboard area.

From my testing of Omeka S, I can always see items added by another user - even if I do not have access to their site. I have tried loading and logging in under different user accounts but I’m seeing the same thing.

Can someone please advise if Omeka S can have these private, siloed areas for individual users or groups?


Currently, Omeka S is designed to encourage sharing and collaboration. All materials are visible to all users, and there are no private or restricted areas.

Thanks for the response Sharon. I’m now looking into and Omeka Classic as alternatives (our researchers are keen for us to offer Omeka!)


I think that perhaps will have what you are looking for. There are a range of plans that provide great features. The platinum plan offers unlimited sites, and if the 50GB of storage isn’t enough for your users, we offer a number of larger storage plans.

Good luck!