Previous Manual Versions

We’re not always running the latest Omeka release, but the public documentation is conformant with that release. Are there hidden* URIs or anything like that we could point users to so they could see documentation with wording, screenshots, etc. that match the version we are on even after the canonical doco has updated?

* (or not-so-hidden! I may just be missing something obvious)

Sadly, there aren’t a lot of good options here. The Internet Archive is one – keying a search of the end user manual to the date of release. The other imperfect answer is that the manual is generated from a github repo, which means that you can look back through branch merges that to pinpoint the updates: GitHub - omeka/omeka-s-enduser: Omeka S End User documentation. Scroll down for an index and more information

Oh, the good ol’ Internet Archive! I keep forgetting to think of them. Thanks!

The GitHub avenue I had turned over in my mind briefly, but didn’t want to go too far that way before checking here. It looks technologically easy enough to host a date-pinned version of the doco locally, just remains to be seen if the non-technological aspects can get worked out.