Possible upgrade error? Running 3.1.1 but can't install modules

My institution’s IT department has been in charge of upgrading our site for the past year, however they are not familiar with Omeka-S. Looking at the list of modules, most of them have an error message like this “Error: PDF Embed requires Omeka S^1.0.0.” However, our install says that we are running version 3.1.1.

Has anyone encountered anything like this?

The symbol ^ in something like ^1.0.0 means that the module supports version 1.0.0 and any later 1.x.x version of Omeka, but nothing newer like versions that start with 2 or 3. So it’s actually saying that the module you have there only supports older Omeka S versions.

For most (possibly all) of these, it just means you have an old copy of the module. For example, if you check Metadata Browse, you’ll see that your version 1.1.2 is from 2017 and supports just major version 1. The more recent version 1.4.1 of the module supports your current version of Omeka S.

Is the solution to delete the older module versions and install newer ones?
Omeka S version 3.2.3
Below find some that are listed on my new site:
Error: Alt Text requires Omeka S ^1.2.0

BatchUpload Error: invalid config/module.ini file

Error: Collecting requires Omeka S ^1.0.0

CSVImport version 2.0.0 Error: module in database but not in filesystem

CsvImport Error: invalid config/module.ini file

EmailNotification Error: invalid config/module.ini file

So, two of the messages you list here are for modules that are too old, and yes, the solution for those would be to instead download the current versions and replace the copies of them you have in the modules folder with the newer ones.

The CSVImport error is telling you that you once had it installed but you deleted or moved the module’s folder.

The others (“invalid config/module.ini file”) are a problem where Omeka S is looking for standard module files and doesn’t find them. This can happen if you’ve accidentally put the module another folder “deep” in the directory structure (like you have a folder that itself contains the module folder). It can also be a permissions issue, or some other less common things. For those if you can’t figure them out, removing those folders and replacing them with freshly unzipped copies of the module may resolve them as well.