Possible trees of Item sets?

Did you consider to make Item sets of Item sets exist in the future of Omeka S?
There was a Module started for that but it did not happen in the end (https://github.com/biblibre/omeka-s-module-ItemSetsTree).
I found the fact to have only one-level-tree for Items sometimes quite limiting for the organization of a website. The semantic features of Omeka S permit to reorganize the collections, but not to replace exactly the tree possibilities.


I also need this feature in Omeka S…

Dear all,

I have the same issue: I’m using Omeka S and would like to be able to have at least two levels trees for items. I read that the plug in “Archive Repertory” or “Collection Tree” worked with the classic version of Omeka. Will similar plug in will be available on Omeka S? If not, is there any solution? Thanks.

Most of my plugins are already ported on Omeka S : see the page UpgradeToOmekaS. For ArchiveRepertory, see https://github.com/Daniel-KM/Omeka-S-module-ArchiveRepertory.

The collection tree is not yet ported, but you can already bypass it partially, by using the linked data (the second button “Omeka resource” in a specified property, for example Dublin Core : Is Part Of. Then, the links will be available in your the tab Linked resource and in the public pages.