Plugin to pull embedded metadata from photo

Does there exist an Omeka plugin that will pull the metadata embedded in a photo and allow me to match it up with Omeka elements? For example, I have a photographer who captioned and dated each of her photos in the photo metadata and I’d like to be able to pull that into the Description and Date fields in Omeka.


I’d be interested in such a plugin, but not sure whether it exists or not.

If I was creating it, I would probably start from exif-read-data php function, and maybe something similar to CSV Import plugin to match Exif fields to Omeka’s.

Do you have an example that you can share of the kind of photo you’re working with?

I’m interested to see if Omeka’s existing metadata extraction pulls out the metadata you’re working with or not. The extracted metadata gets stored separately from the normal fields, but a plugin could copy that data over (or just display it by modifying the theme, for example).

Here is a link to the photo:

The theme I have (a custom one created by Omeka Team prior to me joining the organization) won’t display the File metadata even if I make the Item public, but I can see it when I’m logged into the Dashboard. So I’ve copied it below. The “Caption-Abstract,” “By-line” and “Date Created” metadata are what I want to capture and import into the Item listing.

Embedded Metadata

  • mime_type: image/jpeg
  • video
    • dataformat: jpg
    • lossless: false
    • bits_per_sample: 24
    • pixel_aspect_ratio: 1
    • resolution_x: 5136
    • resolution_y: 6468
    • compression_ratio: 0.15801548127983
  • comments
    • IPTCEnvelope
      • CodedCharacterSet
        • e%G
        • e%G
    • IPTCApplication
      • ApplicationRecordVersion
      • Caption-Abstract
        • Father Paul Costopoulus in the cathedral of Holy Trinity Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Chruch.
      • By-line
        • cary norton
      • DateCreated
        • 20200206
      • TimeCreated
        • 103719-0500
      • DigitalCreationDate
        • 20200206
      • DigitalCreationTime
        • 103719-0500
      • Keywords
        • southern foodways alliance
      • CopyrightNotice
        • cary norton

OK, so we do have it saved, just in that array of extracted metadata, not in the regular fields.

A theme could directly reach into that metadata array and display that data, but it would be some custom code to do so.

A plugin could also pull from this array, and/or from the file directly, into the regular file or item metadata fields. I’m not aware currently of a plugin that does this. It’s a good idea for one, though.

Well, if anyone develops one - let me know! It’s above my knowledge level. :slight_smile:

Just to be clear on your idea: when you’re talking about matching, do you mean automatically or manually (better: do you mean the fields should be filled automatically, or that information should come up as a suggestion)?

I mean: in your example, you would like for Caption-Abstract to automatically become the DC:Title, and for DateCreated to automatically become the DC:Date? Or you’d rather have those info displayed as they are on Admin side?

I’d like to have Caption-Abstract automatically become DC:Title and DateCreated become DC:Date. And Keywords become Tags and By-line become Photographer where Item Type=Still Image.

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