Plugin ready, what's next?


I’ve created EmailNotification, a plugin that notifies admin and even editors about the addition of a new Item or Collection. Tested, it works fine. Even added a .po file, to help with translations.

Now, what’s next? How do I get it published? I understand developers are even storing them on site, or on github; I have no idea how to put it on, so I created an account with github… and I have found out that it’s more complicated than it seemed.

So, is there anybody who could help me with this? How should I publish the plugin?


You’ll want to make sure your plugin meets the list in the registering a new plugin page in the Omeka Developer Documentation, and then you can submit it the Register Your Plugin link from the Omeka Classic plugins page

The first problem seems to be Git: as I use Microsoft Windows I have no idea how to use it (seems to be a Unix thing, from what I’ve seen). Any hint?

GitHub has extensive documentation which should help you move your code to a GitHub repository and get it ready for registration.

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