Plug in upload problem

I have a problem uploading plug in, I have uploaded it via file manager and extracted the folder, but it says " * This is not a valid plugin."


A couple of things you’ll want to check for here:

  1. the compatibility of your plugin with the version of the core that you’re running: when selecting plugins from the directory, you’ll want to be sure to select ones that have a minimum version that is equal to or less than the version you’re running. Some plugins will require you to be running Omeka Classic 3.0 or above to function.

  2. the folder name: it should just be the name of the plugin without any version numbers or anything additional. Sometimes when plugins are retrieved directly from github the package is made slightly differently than what Omeka is expecting. If your folder name has extensions, check inside that directory to make sure that there isn’t a folder with just the plugin name. If there is, that’s the one you want.