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has anyone ever had the need to create a personography? Say, you have a database of books, and authors might have pseudonyms that they used in only some works, or they are known with different names throughout time, etc. How do you link a book to the same author when that author has different names/labels?

I would assume that you would make a person resourse template that included an alternative name property that listed all the psuedonyms.

Another way to approach it would be to make a record for each psuedonym and use a SameAs property to link them to a canonical record.

Thank you for your reply. In both cases, how do I put that person under the ‘creator’ field of a ‘book’ item? Would it be an ‘item’?

Yes. This is the essence of the linking in the linked data infrastructure of Omeka S. Your publication would be an item and each creator would be an item and you would use the person item as the value for the dcterms:creator property in your publication record.

I see. A side-question: are the ‘title’ and ‘description’ compulsory for items? I created a test resource template with only name and nick, and when creating a new item with that template I’m offered title and description all the same. Is this expected behaviour?

Yes. That is expected behavior. If you use no resource template, title and description automatically load. Then, the resource template loads, and if those fields are not part of the template, they remain available. You can designate other fields to serve as the title and description for display and then ignore them.

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