PDF to Text Module Availability

Hi there. Is there a way to make the traditional pdf to text module work on Omeka S?

You probably just have to upgrade it.

Could you please elaborate whatsoever?

If you talk about the plugin pdf to text, it is not available for Omeka S yet.
The other solution is to extract the pdf outside of Omeka S with another tool and to save or to import the content in a field of your items.

I have a general question. I went to look for the Pdf to text plug-in upgrade for Omeka-S and found two links:


which I tried to install as a module but got the following error message “Error: invalid Module.php file”

and then this one, which is listed as an extension (though updated recently), but I presume is only for Classic:


Am I correct to assume that the former is the one I should be trying to use? If so, any idea why it might not be working? I literally installed Omeka-S yesterday, so it’s definitely the most up-to-date version of the install.

The plugin is for Omeka Classic and is not adaptable for Omeka S using UpgradeToOmekaS.

The module you have probably found is not yet released. Actually the published source code is almost empty. I don’t know if its author is working on it.

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Thanks. I wasn’t entirely sure - just installing modules quickly and saw this one was listed as being available… I guess not yet.