Pdf.js as a non-plugin

We’re looking to use pdf.js with Omeka. Much simpler than the Universal Viewer plugin, which we found a real hassle to install. Got pdf.js working in DEV. All that needs doing is to copy the pdf.js files into a folder within Omeka. Then use the iframe tag in either Item or Exhibit view to display as required.

We’ve done a fair bit of embedding of 3rd party sites in our version of Omeka. Works great, but risk is that the 3rd party site will go down. This strategy of using embeds from our own Omeka installation seems to trump that strategy.

Has anyone else used pdf.js or similiar ‘non-plugins’ with their version of Omeka? Encountered any problems? I’d love to know also if there is any similiar software that you can just copy across and start embedding just like that.

(And thanks to a colleague for thinking of this great way to use pdf.js).

Could you explain me (author of the plugin Universal Viewer) what is the issue with the plugin Universal Viewer? The installation is like all other plugins: unzip and enable.

If you have only pdf, there are an official plugin (http://omeka.org/add-ons/plugins/pdf-embed/) that do the same as you do.

Hi Daniel, some of the issues we struck were related to the way we were planning to use UV viz, displaying content on a non-Omeka server. Apparently UV expects to showcase content hosted only on the same server as UV.

UV didn’t work ‘out of the box’ for us, even with local content. We ended up having to install an IIIF server as well as ImageMagick, and then had difficulty configuring IIIF with UV. In the end, we could display PDFs OK, but not images and videos.