PDF files are suddenly not working with an error message that is nondescript

My pdf files are no longer working and only say there is an error but does not define the error. Any ideas of what went wrong or how to fix? I am not very savvy on changing codes, etc.

The link is: http://swiftboatsailorsmemorial.com/exhibits/show/popculture/starsandstripes If you click on any of the pictures you get the same error message.

Thank you!


It’s hard to tell what went wrong without the error message. Do you have access to the files where the Omeka site lives (can you install plugins and themes)?

If so, you need to go to the main folder for Omeka (where there are folders for plugins, themes, application) and find the .htaccess file. Then follow the directions for turning on error messages. This will give us more to work with.

If you don’t have access to those files and folders, someone who does will need to turn on error reporting for you.