Pdf embed plugin not displaying

Hi. I have a trouble with Pdf embed plugin. Installing is ok but the pdf viewer not showing within a item. I’m using Emiglio theme. Should I edit or add a line in emiglio/items/show.php?
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In your Emiglio theme settings, do you have the “Item File Gallery” setting turned on? That setting changes the display to only use thumbnails, so if it’s on the PDF viewer won’t appear.

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Hi. Thanks. I had Item File Gallery turned on. I unchecked it. Thanks for your reply.
One question more: The name of files are encoded, example 4cada7850794a47c5651e1deb471470e.pdf . Why doesn’t it show the original name (example: revistas_1869?

Omeka always renames uploaded files, to guarantee unique names and avoid possible issues with “guessable” filenames and some other possible problems with things like files with multiple extensions.

In general my advice is to just leave things as Omeka normally handles them, but I know of one plugin that changes things to use “original” names, the Archive Repertory plugin by Daniel Berthereau.

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I going to try with Archive Repertory. Now I using Pdf embed plugin. It’s ok in computer but the viewer not showing in mobile. I send a screenshot from mobile
Screenshot_2019-10-17-16-24-42|281x500 … Docs viewer doens’t had this trouble. But docs viewer not working with a site in SSL. Do you know how Docs viewer can work with SSL?

The “object” embedder doesn’t work on most mobile platforms. It’s pretty difficult to have a good experience with an embedded viewer on an already-small screen so having a click through to download and view in a separate app is often a better experience.

The “PDF.js” option for the PDF Embed plugin will work on mobile, if you want to embed anyway, though.

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I was using object option. I’ll change to Pdf.js option. Thanks.

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