Payment plugin?

I’m willing to develop a plugin that gives you the permission to download an item/attachment (for authenticated users) after payment.
Is there already any plugin that does that?


I haven’t seen anything like that, but I have thought that it might be useful for a number of groups (private art galleries, museum gift shops, etc). If it’s not already out there, I’ll be curious to see what you produce.

The user case is:

  1. User Login / Register
  2. The user can search for item
  3. The user can see a preview of the selected item (for example in low resolution)
  4. To see / download the item at full resolution must complete the payment

Do you think that this can be done at omeka?

The difficult part will be blocking access to the original file. Omeka doesn’t have a direct way to do that. People have often worked around that using restrictions in .htaccess.

Do you think that creating a new table, in the database, to keep all the items that user has to pay to download, will be a solution?

Unfortunately not, at least not directly. To keep all the existing functionality for viewing items, the same difficulty of restricting access to files will still be there.

What if that plugin adds extra functionality for those items (that user has to pay)? For example, those items will be displayed differently from the “default” omeka items.
Or what about a combination of viewing items via iiif server?

I would be very interested in this option. We would have the low resolution images with a watermark and would love the option to download a paid high res version. Would you consider using Stripe as the payment processor as they are cheaper all round? Do you plan to add a cart and checkout option or just one download at a time?

Hi @nik.ang
I know this topic is a bit old, but I’m also interested in this kind of plugin.
Have you been able to find a solution for blocking access to files ? Do you have a working plugin that you could show us ?