Pages from prior exhibits appearing in new exhibits

I’m working with a class that is adding new items and exhibits to an existing course site.

I upgraded to 2.7.1 before the class meeting last week and did a back up (hosted on Reclaim). During the live demo of exhibit creation, pages from exhibits created years ago appeared in the new exhibit.

All exhibits are private, and the professor deleted “test” exhibits from the previous years.

I’m stumped!

So, you’re saying that pages from old exhibits that were deleted are showing up already there in new exhibits?

If so, it sounds like there’s a problem with the database: it contains pages for exhibits that don’t exist. This could maybe be the case from an issue in the past restoring backups or moving from server to server, something like that.

At any rate, if there aren’t any “old” exhibits to be kept then the simple answer is just uninstall and reinstall the Exhibit Builder, which will totally recreate its tables. If you do need to keep some old exhibits, it’s possible to just clean out the “stale” entries in the pages table with some SQL.

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