Page Error Except When Logged In

One of my professors recently noticed an error where one page in particular will not show (it reports “Doctrine\ORM\EntityNotFoundException” and “Entity of type ‘Omeka\Entity\Item’ for IDs id(2322) was not found”) unless he is logged in with his account. We had upgraded from 1.0.1 to 2.1.2 about two months ago and it doesn’t look like the error was present at the time. What could cause the page to show normally to site users but not to visitors?

It’s likely that the particular item is marked as private. Go to item #2322 and make the item public using the eye icon at the top.

It took some hunting (apparently Omeka S 2.1.2 doesn’t allow searches by item number), but I found the offending item and it was in fact set to private. I’ll let the professor know that the page in question is back in operation. Thank you for the tip!

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