Override plugin layout from theme

I’m trying to override the markup in layout.php in a specific plugin (LightboxGallery) from my custom theme.

I’ve previously managed to override the markup for the “File” layout in the Exhibit Builder plugin by adding “layout.php” and “layout.css” under “/my-custom-theme/exhibit-builder/exhibit_layouts/file/”.

However, I can’t accomplish the same thing by adding the same files under “my-custom-theme/lightbox-gallery/exhibit_layouts/lightbox-file-text”.

The LightboxGallery plugin has the following structure: “/views/shared/exhibit_layouts/lightbox-file-text”.

Have you tried the same subfolder but under the “exhibit-builder” folder instead? i.e. my-custom-theme/exhibit-builder/exhibit_layouts/lightbox-file-text ?

Yes, that worked! Thank you!

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