OpenLayers Zoom not creating tile files

Hi, my universal viewer is displaying blurry images for a 5.5mb jpeg. I downloaded OpenLayerZoom to fix the issue but every time I checked the “Zoom this image” checkbox and click on Save, the page will be blank and not showing me any status update. On my server, zoom_tiles and FileGroup subfolders are created, but there will be no tile files in it.
Omeka v2.5.1
OL Zoom v2.8.1
UV v2.4.6
with Archive Repertory deactivated
direct link:

I run the following on my laptop with local machine with no problem, tiles created properly even for 8mb jpeg.
Omeka v2.4.1
OL Zoom v2.8.1
UV v2.4.6

Also, on both the Omeka, I checked the “Zoom this image” checkbox and on the plugins config, I checked the “Use “public_items_show” hook” checkbox, and all I can see on my item page is blank chunk of white space located above of the universal viewer. Is this how it should behave?

Update on the issue:
I’ve not been using OpenLayersZoom since I found out that it will not do the work for any image that is more than 10mb and without it, Universal Viewer works just fine.

I missed this issue. There is no size in limit to use it. I use it with files greater than 300 MB without issues.

OpenLayers zoom creates zoom with command line ImageMagick, php-gd or php imagick, but doesn’t use the default config. So check what process the tiler uses.

Else, you can create your tiles outside of Omeka and copy them inside the folder.

The option “public_items_show” checkbox allows to display the zoom without modifying the theme, but generally, the theme is adapted to your needs.

Thank you for the reply, I wonder how I can check that process?

By default, it uses imagick (php extension), else gd, else image magick (cli). Do you have php-imagick, php-gd, or a discoverable convert path on your server?

Anyway, at the root of the plugin, there is a script “bulk_build_tiles.php”, that you can use to create all your tiles offline. See readme or inside the file.

Sorry for the delay in replying.

I’m testing it on my local machine. The ImageMagick is installed but I’m not too sure if it actually uses that… Do you mind to show how to check that?

Yup, saw the create tiles offline, but I’m thinking not to use that as it seems like having to manually run that everytime when a new item is added…

This is a limit of the creation of tiles on the Omeka classic version : they are created during the request. The web server generally limits requests to 30 seconds, so bigger images will fail to be created and you’ll have the blank page. This issue is fixed in Omeka S, but not in Omeka Classic, because it’s common to create them offline or via a background process. To bypass this limit, you can try to increase the time of a request in your php.ini.

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