Open the full page viewer from the Item page

Hi all,

is possible starting from an Item show like this ->
to open from thumbnail the viewer (like mirador) full page like this: ->

In the omeka-s theme inside the file “our-theme/view/omeka/site/item/show.phtml” we insert this code for the thumbnail
. . .
. . .
$itemMediaImg = “< img class=‘item-img’ src=”.$itemMedia[0]->originalUrl()." width=300px> ";
echo $itemMediaImg;
. . .
. . .

and now we are trying to figure out how to create the link to the viewer, like Mirador installed as module, “full page” like the example of digital library.

Interesting question! I am facing the same problem. Which theme do you use?

we working to customize the default theme… by now the only way is to disable mirador viewer on the item page and make a link in an item page to an empty page created in the “site > pages” and via jquery inject javascript “viewer” code passing IIIF item link