OmekaS + Scripto

Hello there,

I’m having an issue while trying to connect the Scripto module to Wikimedia,

When trying to enter the api endpoint of mediawiki I get the following error :

API endpoint :

The OmekaS release is 2.1.2

And mediawiki :

mediawiki is already the newest version (1:1.31.7-1~deb10u1).

Anyone encountered this kind of issue ? I am doing something wrong ?

Thank you !

Ok !

Upgrading to mediawiki 1.34.2 solve the issue… So the min requirement of mediawiki release for Scripto module is not accurate.

I installed MediaWiki 1.30.0 and 1.31.7 from here and had no problems configuring Scripto using either version. Perhaps your 1.31.7 was not functioning at the time of configuration?

The original Wikimedia 1.31.7 I installed (packaged with DEBIAN) worked well, not sure where’s the problem but upgrading to the last release worked well for me.

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