OmekaS API Query Syntax

Hello, I’m wondering if I could get some assistance with figuring out if a query I want to do with the OmekaS API would work or not. I’m planning on having a collection with a variety of names, all with their own resource template. If possible I would like to be able to develop a workflow where people can query my OmekaS collection with OpenRefine. I can see the examples for queries where someone can pull down JSON for a known item, but how would I best structure the API query where someone might be looking for a string of text + a set ID?

You’re saying you want to return results that are in a particular item set and also match a text query?

My general suggestion would be to look at what options are available to you in the advanced search for items. A
GET request to api/items will let you just basically reuse the same query string for an advanced search: item_set_id filters by item set, and search is the simplest way to do a “contains” search across all properties. (If you want to do a search more specific than that for the text portion, you need to do a property search which gets a little more complex since its an array of arrays in the query string.

This is actually covered pretty well in the API docs for the search operation.