Omeka, Zend, and Cloudfront

I’m using the Zend S3 adaptor to store our files in AWS, and I was wondering if I could get better speeds for some of our larger files by using cloudfront.

Before I go too far down this particular rabbit hole, I was wondering if anybody has tried or succeeded using cloudfront with the zend adaptor. Is it as simple as swapping out the S3 endpoint for cloudfont’s , or is cloudfront different enough that the S3 adaptor doesn’t work at all?

I think you’d need to have a slightly different storage adapter to use CloudFront… my understanding of that kind of setup is that you’d want to use the same regular S3 endpoint for uploading files, and you’d only use CloudFront for the URLs used to retrieve and display the files.

That being said, it should be a pretty limited change to the storage adapter, just changing the method that’s used to get a URL for a stored file.


I looked through S3.php and might give it a test. I think the only real difference for a get request is that cloudfront starts inside the bucket you set as the origin for your distribution instead of needing to be told what bucket to look in.

It looks like you can have cloudfront forward requests using methods other than GET, but I don’t think I want to try and figure that out.

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