Omeka site will not open

I few days a go our Omeka site stopped working out of the blue. Every time I try to access any page on the site I just see the line below:

Fatal error: Class ‘Omeka_Application’ not found in /home3/khs/public_html/omeka/index.php on line 14

I was able to find line 14 which contains:

$application = new Omeka_Application(APPLICATION_ENV);

I"m not sure why it stopped working. I’ve tired a few things on HostGator, the service our organization uses to host Omeka and a couple of other sites.

There’s nothing much special about that line.

The error about not finding Omeka_Application indicates there’s some problem with either files being missing or your PHP include path somehow. As a first stop make sure the Omeka files under libraries are actually there (this one should be libraries/Omeka/Application.php).

Thanks for the suggestion. Luckily, all of the files are still there. We’ll take a look at the PHP path next.

It would make sense for it be something with the PHP, but I am not sure how to pin down exactly what. One possibility is that updating WordPress core could have updated the PHP version along with it. But I’m not sure what the ‘old’ version should be… (The hostgator control panel lets you change the version of PHP but there are lots of options)

Alternately, it could have changed the file structure—which is what my understanding of the include path is—so the PHP is no longer in the place where Omeka expects it to be. Or similarly to that, it could have changed the PHP.ini file, which is the general configuration file for PHP that has all of the options set. Again, I’m not sure what that looked like as of before the problem, so it’s hard to reverse whatever might have happened to it.

The PHP stuff can be set up through the ‘PHP Configuration’ tool in hostgator, but it doesn’t have a log or history of what’s changed, and the wordpress stuff probably sidestepped that process entirely in however it changed things.

So I still don’t have a solid lead, but maybe that thought process might be helpful.