Omeka S with big Data Bases: Item-sets Problem


so now we are working with a big data base that require A LOT of item-sets (we are talking like 400), the thing is that multiple item sets belong to the same site, but then 2 problems arrive:

  1. Assigning a Item set to a site has to be manually done and there are a lot of them so it would be a nightmare to do. We want to know if, when you import them there is a way to do this automatically.

  2. When entering a site and you want to use X amount of item sets, it doesnt filter correctly and you can see all of them, and because there are a lots its very confusing to navigate. We want to know if there’s any type of classification we can put in the item-sets to filter them correctly.

When it comes to organizing resources we are very lost and feel like the documentation is a bit confusing

If anyone can help us it would be much apreciated!


P.D. We are using Omeka 4.0.1 for this installation

Can you clarify on two points:

  1. How are you importing your items? It sounds like you’re doing a batch process of some sort. What’s available is a little different depending on the type of import.

  2. What exactly is happening wrong here? I’m not sure what you’re describing on your second point, what filtering you’re looking for that’s not happening. Sets are explicitly attached to sites, so I’m wondering where you’re seeing this not happen.

  1. Okay soo for importing we are using CVS import, and the problem is that once you set the import as a item-set instead of a item, it doesent let you assign to a page in particular, the only classification we can use is the author

  2. Once you go to the site itself and you want to choose wich Item-sets you want, the only classification there is the author, and if multiple item-sets are set to be created from the same author, if there is any item-set that repeats name, its impossible to destinguish to what site it belongs

for now what we have done is to have an author per site, so when you assign it in the CVSImport, then in the site itself you can assigin the correct item-sets, but we think there has t be a better way to do this

OK, thanks for clarifying.

I’d say you’re certainly a little bit out of the mainstream in terms of the kinds of workflows and setups I’ve seen. As you noticed, the admin UI is really set up assuming that, for a single user, the name of the set will be a good visual identifier.

What particular other data being displayed would be helpful in your situation? If you have another piece of data that would be more useful, perhaps using a resource template to make that property be treated as the title? Or, there’s simple things that we could do in terms of changes like showing the internal ID of the set, perhaps.