Omeka S Use Cases


I currently use Omeka 2.x as a platform for digital exhibits, and I’ve been looking at potential uses for Omeka S. Since Omeka Classic will persist alongside S, it doesn’t look like I really need to migrate our primary Omeka site to S, but I am am curious as to other potential use cases.

Can Omeka S scale to small/medium digital library purposes, saying 100-200k items? Can I reliably replace my DPLA Hub architecture with it? Or should I view this as more of a ‘scholarly’ WordPress multisite with its integrations with DSpace and Fedora?

I’ve been looking around through the wiki and whatever snippets I can find, but I’ve love to get a better idea of the general ‘mission statement’ for S as a platform. I already know I want to use it, I’d just love some guidance as to its best applications.