Omeka S Scripto and Error when attempting to Edit Object

I have Scripto for S 1.0, Omeka S and Mediawiki 1.33 all installed and speaking to one another - seemingly. I hit an error-on the public-facing side when I attempt to edit a particular item from the list of items in a project.
I created an Item list and populated it with a single item for transcription. In creating the Scripto project I pointed the project at Scripto:Content.
I can see the object in the admin side and successfully review it. It shows up and even shows a window beside what would eventually be the submitted content of the item. All shows no activity yet.
On the public-facing side, I can see the project and the item is listed with a thumbnail. I am logged in on the public-facing side as my MediaWiki instance does not allow anonymous editing. When I click on the item to add a description to it, I get the cryptic “Omeka S has encountered an error.” underneath the title of the object and nothing more displayed in the window.
Any thoughts?
Many thanks,

What other modules do you have installed?
Do you get a more robust error message if you edit the htaccess file to show errors?

Thanks Megan,
I have a fairly robust set on this instance and can certainly try a deactivate and see what happens. For the record:
Alt Text version 1.1.0
Any Cloud version 1.1.1
Collecting version 1.3.0
CSV Import version 2.1.0
by Omeka Team and Daniel Berthereau
Custom Vocab version 1.1.0
File Sideload version 1.3.0
Hide Properties version 1.1.0
Mapping version 1.2.0
Metadata Browse version 1.2.0
Omeka 2 Importer version 1.2.0
Scripto version 1.0.0
Search version 0.4.0
Sharing version 1.1.0
Value Suggest version 1.4.0
Zotero Import version 1.1.0
I can also edit the htaccess file but hadn’t gone to that extent yet. Will revert.

Try upgrading Metadata Browse to 1.3.0 - there was an incompatibility with Scripto and IIIF Server which was fixed in the 1.3 release

Thanks Megan. That actually did the trick. Well spotted. Very cool and working well. Shawn