Omeka-S sandbox - api import error with Omeka 2 exhibit pages

I get the following error when trying to import exhibit pages from my Omeka 2 instance into the Omeka-S sandbox:

The endpoint is not a valid Omeka 2 endpoint.

If you point the browser to the URL, it seems to be working.

The Omeka 2 importer for S is set up to bring in items and collections, or users, but is not configured to import exhibits (owing to the differences in setup between S and Classic). You should be able to import the content using

The importer assumes starting at the top of the API, and pulling in everything. Thus, it’s check on the API looks at So, try that as the Omeka 2 endpoint.

Also, it doesn’t import Exhibit data, so even assuming that endpoint works, it won’t pull in the data that you are looking for about exhibits.

Yes - the http://archives…/omeka/api endpoint appears to work. The issue of not being able to import exhibit data is a significant problem which I’m sure has been discussed; does the Omeka Team have recommendations for a work-around for institutions with Omeka 2 exhibits contemplating migrating to an Omeka-S instance?

We’ve thought of Omeka S and Omeka 2 as being distinct software, where the importer is meant to ease transitioning – if needed. Both Omeka S and Omeka 2 will continue to exist as parallel projects. Omeka S should not be thought of as Omeka 3, implying an upgrade path.

However, @Daniel_KM has produces a suite of plugins to make a more direct transition. That could be something to look in to for your needs.