Omeka s module not installing with Zip

I am using reclaim hosting for my omeka s project. I tried to download a module via the reclaim hosting cPanel File Manager. After I selected the side name and module I selected upload zip. Unfortunately it will not download and asks for me to replace a local file on the PC but will not allow me to go any futher as the coursers is stuck in a loop as if loading.

Has anyone experience with reclaim hosting and downloading modules for omeka s on it?

Hi there, we have a guide on adding plugins to Omeka Classic I believe the process is very similar if not identical for uploading “modules” in Omeka S. It sounds like perhaps you may need to familiarize yourself with the File Manager and how uploads work there so perhaps the screenshots from that guide will help. Using FTP long term would be more reliable as well but the File Manager works in a pinch.

I have it shorted now but thank you. It seemed to be getting confused if the zip was dragged and dropped directly in to the file manager instead of being uploaded via the ‘browse computer’ tab. Then I needed to right click on the zip to extract it instead of extracting in the file manager option.

Must be the reclaim hosting file manager being a bit temperamental .

Thanks again