Omeka S LIDO support (vocabulary and OAI-MPH)


I am trying to understand the amount of work required to add LIDO support to Omeka S. This includes adding LIDO as vocabulary to enable storing the data and then allowing external OAI-MPH harvester to collect the data in LIDO format fro, Omeka S.


Omeka S user manual states that it is possible to add new vocabularies in following formats: JSON-LD (.jsonld), N-Triples (.nt), Notation3 (.n3), RDF/XML (.rdf), Turtle. I only have the the LIDO XML schema. How do I convert it to any of the supported formats? I tried multiple XSD to RDF converts but none of them worked. How do people produce new vocabularies? LIDO is not available from Linked Open Vocabularies


Omeka-S-module-OaiPmhRepository module says that there is a possibility to add other metadata formats to the module than the officially supported ones. Doe anybody have any real-life examples on how this could be done? Is just configuration or do I need to create a fork of the module? Does the module understand how to handle Omeka S data from custom vocabulary?

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