Omeka S for video corpus

I am considering using Omeka S for a corpus composed only of videos. The video files could be documented with dublin core metadata and link together (ie if there are parts of the same group).

I am wondering if using Omeka S for such project with such particular archive materials is a good idea and I post this message to gather any remarks or thought.

Sorry for this very broad question.

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I don’t think there should be any problems using Omeka S for a video-based corpus or collection…

If anything, since you’re talking about linking things together, Omeka S is probably a clearly better choice for this than Classic. Omeka S is also far better than Classic at handling videos that are uploaded to YouTube or other external hosting services, if that’s something you’re considering doing.

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Thanks for the answer.

So far, the issues I encounter with using Omeka S for video are:

  1. It is hard to send big files to Omeka S. There is the timeout of the browser. You can send the file with ftp but, then, you have to create a sheet with the metadata (and would prefer to use the Omeka S interface for that). Afaik, there is no equivalent for S to the plugin DropBox for classic. This kind of plugin for S would simplify the upload of big files.

  2. Several viewer are available for S (UV, Mirador, etc.) but there are not always the best choice for playing video and audio. On classic, I use Html5Media which allows using standard html balise for media. Unfortunately there is not (yet) the same for S.

I you see any relevant module, please put it in this thread.

File Sideload will take care of the first issue:

As Sharon says, File Sideload is the equivalent in S to Classic’s Dropbox.

HTML5-based viewing for videos is built in to Omeka S, using the native browser players. Is there something specific from the HTML5 Media plugin you feel is missing?