Omeka S - Dspace connector

I’m gettint troubles importing from Dspace connector , i achieved import collections and communities but when i import one , it says , importing in Job “x” , but i left it for almost 30 minutes and when i change the tab to Jobs , it says error , i don’t know if there is a problem with the importing , cause when i check the status , the error ocurred at the same moment that i suppose started the import , what could it be.

This error is just saying that Omeka S cannot automatically determine the path to PHP’s “CLI” binary on your server. If you know the correct path, you can manually set it in your installation’s config/local.config.php file.

If you’re not sure of the path, you might want to check if the PHP CLI is installed/available on your server at all. Omeka S needs the CLI to run jobs in the background.

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What if i already checked , and it is installed , im working on xampp , it already has PHP CLI , should i type manually the path in that file?