Omeka S CSV plugin impor Plus not working with mappng module

Hi, I am currently using cav import plus for importing a lot of ods sheets. Thi is due that the normal plugin, dont accept other separator than commas, and this is causing a lot of errors in certains fields. So I am using the CSV import plus by Daniel-km. However this plugin is not working with the mapping module. Or I think (but I am not sure) other external module.

I have found a workaround to import the geospatial data of some resources, uninstalling and installing the normal plugin, and then the csvimportplus plugin. Then updating the data previously imported with the official plugin.

Did someone came out with another solution,or are experiencing similar problems.


Unfortunately the structures used by Daniel’s updated CSV Import and the “original” version are slightly incompatible when it comes to supporting other modules’ data, so basically a module will either work with one or the other but not both.

We’re in the process of incorporating many of Daniel’s changes which will mean parallel updates to affected modules; at that point the “current” versions of the modules will work together, as the current versions do now.

There are branches for the modules that switch them over to support the updated CSV Import, but they’re of course unreleased.

Thanks. This would save me a lot of time. But for now I will keep installing-uninstalling the module.