Omeka S CSV import to a specific site?


I have a question about importing via the CSV Import module. We have a Omeka S installation that will have three specific sites, which will have discrete sets of items, and one overall site, which will have everything.

Is it possible to import via the tool into a specific site and the overall site? I can’t seem to find a way to do this. I know you can put things into as many Item Sets as you want, but, seemingly, not sites.

Is there a way to make adding to an item set also add to a site?

New to Omeka S so not really sure what the workflow should be.


The current released version of CSV Import doesn’t allow you to select sites to import into directly.

It currently imports items into all sites that have enabled the “Auto-assign new items” setting. You can tinker with those settings before an import to have only the sites you want to import to enabled. Or you could leave only the “everything” site that way and add the items to other site(s) afterwards through each site’s Resources admin page, which allows for bulk assignment of items (for example, all items in a set, or that otherwise match a search).

A forthcoming update to CSV Import will include a selector for sites that works like the current item sets one does.

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