Omeka Record Exception Error Message with YouTube Import plugin

For now, I don’t really need to use the plugin (although it would have been nice) but I wanted to let the community know in case this is a widespread issue. My version of YouTube Import was loaded on my server in 2018 but only installed and activated yesterday, and I’m running Omeka 2.6

I’ve turned the plugin back off, which seemed to solve the problem for now, but after installing YouTube Import when I clicked on any of the items (front end or back end) I got an error message, and when I activated detailed error messages I got the following:

Omeka_Record_Exception: There is no element “Item Type Metadata”, “Player”! in /home/bobfri4/
Stack trace:
#0 /home/bobfri4/ Mixin_ElementText->getElement(‘Item Type Metad…’, ‘Player’)
#1 /home/bobfri4/ Mixin_ElementText->getElementTexts(‘Item Type Metad…’, ‘Player’)
#2 /home/bobfri4/ Omeka_Record_AbstractRecord->delegateToMixins(‘getElementTexts’, Array)
#3 /home/bobfri4/ Omeka_Record_AbstractRecord->__call(‘getElementTexts’, Array)
#4 /home/bobfri4/ Omeka_View_Helper_Metadata->_getElementText(Object(Item), ‘Item Type Metad…’, ‘Player’)
#5 /home/bobfri4/ Omeka_View_Helper_Metadata->_getText(Object(Item), Array)
#6 /home/bobfri4/ Omeka_View_Helper_Metadata->metadata(Object(Item), Array, Array)
#7 /home/bobfri4/ Zend_View_Abstract->__call(‘metadata’, Array)
#8 /home/bobfri4/ metadata(Object(Item), Array)
#9 /home/bobfri4/ YouTubeImportPlugin->filterDisplayElements(Array)
#10 /home/bobfri4/ Omeka_Plugin_Broker->applyFilters(‘display_element…’, Array, Array)
#11 /home/bobfri4/ apply_filters(‘display_element…’, Array)
#12 /home/bobfri4/ Omeka_View_Helper_AllElementTexts->_getElementsBySet()
#13 /home/bobfri4/ Omeka_View_Helper_AllElementTexts->_getOutputAsHtml()
#14 /home/bobfri4/ Omeka_View_Helper_AllElementTexts->_getOutput()
#15 /home/bobfri4/ Omeka_View_Helper_AllElementTexts->allElementTexts(Object(Item), Array)
#16 /home/bobfri4/ Zend_View_Abstract->__call(‘allElementTexts’, Array)
#17 /home/bobfri4/ all_element_texts(‘item’)
#18 /home/bobfri4/ include(’/home/bobfri4/t…’)
#19 /home/bobfri4/ Omeka_View->_run(’/home/bobfri4/t…’)
#20 /home/bobfri4/ Zend_View_Abstract->render(NULL)
#21 /home/bobfri4/ Zend_Controller_Action_Helper_ViewRenderer->renderScript(‘items/show.php’, NULL)
#22 /home/bobfri4/ Zend_Controller_Action_Helper_ViewRenderer->render()
#23 /home/bobfri4/ Zend_Controller_Action_Helper_ViewRenderer->postDispatch()
#24 /home/bobfri4/ Zend_Controller_Action_HelperBroker->notifyPostDispatch()
#25 /home/bobfri4/ Zend_Controller_Action->dispatch(‘showAction’)
#26 /home/bobfri4/ Zend_Controller_Dispatcher_Standard->dispatch(Object(Zend_Controller_Request_Http), Object(Zend_Controller_Response_Http))
#27 /home/bobfri4/ Zend_Controller_Front->dispatch()
#28 /home/bobfri4/ Zend_Application_Bootstrap_Bootstrap->run()
#29 /home/bobfri4/ Zend_Application->run()
#30 /home/bobfri4/ Omeka_Application->run()
#31 {main}

We’ve run into the exact same error (on Classic 2.7). Did you find a resolution?

Unfortunately no. We ended up embedding the video in our wordpress blog and linking to the post, just so we could have something up.

I found a fix for me that works on 2.7. Basically the error is saying that it can’t find the Player Item Metadata element, so manually create one and it will then work. Details: Go to Item Types in the left sidebar and select edit for Moving Image. Select Add New Element at the bottom of the list and give it the element name “Player” and you can add “HTML embed code” to Description.

You also have to make sure that you have unticked the box in top nav Settings - Security for ‘Enable HTML filtering’ for the embed code to work.

thanks for the tip, i will check and see if it also works for me

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