Omeka installation on AWS


I have been installed Omeka 2.4 on AWS free tier and upgraded to 2.5 recently. I am using EC2 and S3 for file uploads and RDS for database of AWS services for almost 1 year.

Throughout the 1 year, it runs ok. But sometimes I can not access omeka site. At first time, I have restarted EC2 instance. But I realize that I can not access when VolumeReadOps or VolumeWriteOps. See this. When this happen, there is no user on my omeka site.

I am wondering there is a background running IO process when Omeka is running on web server.

Thank you in advance.

@jflatnes any comments?

There’s no background processes that Omeka runs by itself. The only times you generally get background processes are when you manually tell it to run something that could take a long time (an import, a large batch edit, etc.).