Omeka for use in a physical exhibition

Hi there folks!

I’m new to Omeka but i have to say that i am quite impressed as to the depth of the system sofar!
I work at the Uppsala University library and I have been tasked to try and help our librarians to create some interesting IT-support for our new exhibition that will open in 2019.

My idea was to have a touchscreen beside all of the displays with additional information about all the pieces.
I am confident that Omeka can do this for us but i thought i’d might as well ask if anyone has seen anything like this?

My idea is to have a very simplistic design with a pictogram based meny on the top of the screen with “home” and some other functions as “buttons” and then split the screen more or less in half. On the left there will be an image of the object and on the right, some text. We have done some prelimenary tests of this and it seems to work fairly well.

I have yet to find anyone who has done this though, does anyone know of a site or place that have?
We will soon start making a new theme for this and maybe someone would be interested in joining us in this?
If anyone is interested in the results i will post a gitlink here later.


You should definitely check out the Omeka Everywhere suite: I think that it’ll support some of the things you’re looking for.

Hey! That looked very nice!
We will definetly have a look at that, thanks!