Omeka Doc Viewer is not working as expected

I have installed doc viewer plugin. I have upload some word, pdf, powerpoint files through item page. When I open item show page it display like “no preview available” for every documents in both backend and front end. Could you please help me to resolve this?(I am using default theme)

Is the site publicly available? If so, can you share a link to one of the problematic items?

Thanks John for your reply. Ohh no. Its in my local machine. It is in the item show page(E.g: http://localhost:8888/omeka/items/show/17) Normally it should work but it didn’t. Any approaches?

The Google Docs viewer works by handing Google a URL to your document which Google uses to download the document so it can display the preview.

This can’t work if your site’s just locally hosted with no public URL. The Docs Viewer plugin therefore requires your site to be publicly available.

Okay great. Thats good to know. Thanks John. I will host this site in public and check.