Omeka + Curatescape (Map Question)

I am using Omeka + Curatescape for my site. For the Map feature I want to use a jpeg image and be able to add the points to that versus the map. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to create this?

Hi @laurenogie,

For questions specific to Curatescape, you can use the Curatescape Forum, linked below. We monitor questions more closely there.

Based on your question, it sounds like you’d need to create a new mapping plugin and/or front-end interface to accomplish this. Curatescape uses the Geolocation plugin by RRCHNM, which doesn’t support what you describe out of the box (though you could still use it as long as your map image is going to adhere to normal lat-lon coordinates). Likewise, the Curatescape theme uses just a few predefined map layers. That said, you could probably manually add an image layer in custom.php around lines 438-464:

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