Omeka Classic Version


How long is each Omeka Classic version supported? In other words if you have version 2.7, will that remain functional/supported for the forseeable future? Or is it recommended to do the upgrades? Our archive requirements are fairly straightforward; Since Version 2.7 functions very well for us I’m wondering if I have to even upgrade.


There’s no firm lifecycle/timeline for support of each version. In general, we don’t go back and release bugfix updates to prior versions when we’ve moved on (so, for example, there will be no further Omeka Classic 2.6 releases at this point).

Omeka Classic releases have been highly compatible for several years worth of releases now, though. In a practical sense, the vast bulk of plugins and themes will generally be written to be compatible with a span of several releases.

My official recommendation for active sites would be to keep up with updates to get access to bug fixes and things like support for latest PHP versions. That point about PHP versions is something that several users have encountered recently: their hosts have updated them to newer PHP versions and they find they need to upgrade an Omeka site they had left at an older version.

Ok, I see the issues now. Thanks very much for your informative answer, this is helpful.

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