Good morning friends. I am an OMEKA newbie who has a question about OMEKA and MySQL databases.

Our institution presently has an active OMEKA Classic site, on version 2.2, up and running and populated with items, exhibits, collections, etc. Our Server Administrator recently communicated he is intending to switch from MySQL 5.1.73 to MariaDB 10.1. He also mentioned that MariaDB is compatible to MySQL. He included this quote, “A quick google search revealed this (unsubstantiated) comment from someone: “Currently I’m using 10.0.29-MariaDB (compatible to MySQL 5.6) for both Omeka’s (Classic and S rc1) and everything works perfectly.”” Does anyone know if this MariaDB can be used instead of MySQL and, if yes, generally what it takes to accommodate this?

Sorry if this is long-winded, I just have a concern about all this as you might imagine and am freaking out a bit. Not a DBA here. If anyone has some knowledge or experience, any information would be so appreciated from me and our institution. Thank you so very much!

I am using MariaDB 10.1 with three of five Omeka Classic sites I maintain. It works perfectly. Those sites are running Omeka 2.5 and 2.61. Here is a link to the biggest (10,000 items) if you want to take if for a spin.

The only difference I’ve noticed with MariaDB is that it provides a SQL function REGEXP_REPLACE that doesn’t exist in MySQL 5.6. I use it for an address sorting feature that I have to disable when running on a MySQL server. In other words, for me, MariaDB is better than MySQL.

No need to freak out – I think you will be fine with MariaDB and you should not have to do anything to accommodate the switch-over. At least that’s been my experience.

Thank you [gsoules] for the reply. I appreciate everyone’s time and am so grateful that you reached out. So my question is, can I perform the standard upgrade of my existing 2.2 site to 2.61 (using the instructions provided by OMEKA) on our current production server (which is still using MySQL) and then have the upgraded OMEKA copied to our new production server running the higher PHP version and the MariaDB without any additional backend work or tweaks? I am trying to provide our server admin with a path from our current prod server and OMEKA install and moving to 2.6.1 to accommodate the new prod server’s upgraded PHP version while trying to figure out if there is anything I need to do to get 2.6.1 to run on the nex box with the Maria DB.

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