Omeka Classic Importer Error

Hey! Soo im trying to move the files from an Omeka classic installation to an Omeka S.

The problem is that while the collections names are imported, the items themselfs are not:

I tried to find why this happens, but to no use. The Job stays in progress and cannot finish due to this.

What i did was, i enabled the api use in the original Omeka Classic, i generated the key just to make sure. Then i changed by hand this:

‘cli’ => [
‘phpcli_path’ => null,


‘cli’ => [
‘phpcli_path’ => ‘/opt/plesk/php/7.4/bin/php’,

And then i did the import both, once with the key and the other without.

If anyone could help it would be of great help, thanks!

A litle update, now the Jobs tab renders this message:

I’ve tried to limit the number of items to 50, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Hmm, the memory issue is odd as the jobs screen doesn’t itself show a lot of information. Do you maybe have a module installed that changes what’s shown there? Does reducing the number even lower, say to 10, make any difference?

The “aspx” error in your screenshot, that’s just saying that you’re trying to import a file with an extension that’s not allowed. But “aspx” is an odd extension to have for uploaded files in Omeka. Do you know if you have some odd or particular system going on in your Classic install that might change the URLs for files?

Thanks for the replay! My boss told me that what’s stored as files in the original omeka classic installation are actually links to the media that is stored in another server. I think that is the main problem with the .aspx files. For the jobs’s screen i still have to figure out what’s happening, so i’ll keep searching