Omeka Classic has encountered an error

Hi there! I have installed Omeka Classic according to
But I recieved an error: " Omeka has encountered an error

To learn how to see more detailed information about this error, see the Omeka Classic User Manual page on retrieving error messages."

I was trying to retrive error messages following the instructions, but nothing worked. Can somebody please help me? Here is the link:

Many thanks!

Were you not able to find the htaccess file? Sometimes it can be hidden in the file browser of your hosting service.

Anything you can tell us about where you got stuck or things didn’t work as you followed the instructions for retrieving error messages would be very helpful.

I was able to find .htaccess file, it was at the same level as Omeka directory, but I found out that I have problem with install page, because I didn’t enable mod_rewrite, but then I did and nothing changed

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