Omeka Classic Access Issues


I am an archivist at a K-12 school and I am having issues with our instance of Omeka. I am hoping to find some help. Our exhibit pages are visible on our school website while connected to our WiFi but are giving an error message when being accessed off campus. The message that pops up says that the server’s IP address could not be found. My website administrator brought this to my attention and said that he has seen some errors pop up on his end since September. Is anyone else having this problem? If someone has fixed this, could you give me some advice as to how? I am just an archivist and do not have much tech experience so I am hoping to pass whatever anyone suggests on to my school’s technology department for them to implement the solution. Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

-John Rovell
The Kinkaid School

Can you share a link to the site?

The kind of error you describe probably isn’t something specific to Omeka though, rather a more general issue with the server or network.


I am currently looking at a possible local cause with my IT dept. It turns out that this might have been put in place by someone by design. Once I get confirmation one way or another I will revisit the thread! Thank you for being willing to help!