Omeka access error


We have omeka running on our redhat linux server 6.9 with apache 2.4 and php 5.6.

On accessing omeka,we get the error given below.Any help will be much appreciated.

Apache was upgraded recently to 2.4

<?php /** * Omeka * * @copyright Copyright 2007-2012 Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media * @license GNU GPLv3 * @package Omeka */ // Bootstrap the application. require_once 'bootstrap.php'; // Configure, initialize, and run the application. $application = new Omeka_Application(APPLICATION_ENV); $application->getBootstrap()->setOptions(array( 'resources' => array( 'theme' => array( 'basePath' => THEME_DIR, 'webBasePath' => WEB_THEME ) ) )); $application->initialize()->run();

If you’re seeing what you pasted here, it just means your server isn’t currently set up correctly to serve PHP.

Thank you !

Yes you are right.I dont see the mod_php module in apache.

Looks like php 5.6 is compatible with apache 2.4 that we have.What version of php can we use ?

Sorry if Im asking too many questions,Im new to linux and omeka.

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