Omeka 2.4.1, mass import: Dropbox Plugin fails on images sorting

Hi all,
I upgraded to omeka 2.4.1, but I still have problems with the Dropbox plugin.
The problem is that it doesn’t import the pictures in the right order (as you can see from the attached image) and with so much images it is impossible to select and move all by hand.

Moreover, the problem appears totally random: sometimes the order goes wrong on the 50th pic, sometimes on the 125th pic, sometimes on 99th pic.


Files are loaded according to the way they are managed by the file system.

If you install the UniversalViewer plugin, you will have a batch edit option to reorder the files by name for all items (in items/browse > select your items > Edit).

If i launch on the server shell a “ls -l” files are in the right order.

Anyway the re-ordering with Universal Viewer works fine.

Thank you very much,