Object vs document

Hi all;

We have two different stances of omeka running: one for testing changes, and one is production. I’ve noticed that the production instance is displaying PDF documents drastically differently from the test instance, and I’m not sure why. I’ve verified they are using identical theme code-we track that in a github repo.




Same item, being displayed radically differently.

I notice that the URLs are different (most notably that one is using “document” and the other “object.” Could this have something to do with it? As far as I know, we are loading these items the same way (both are being specified as text). We’re also using the same omeka version on each box.

Are the two instances of Omeka precisely identical? Do they have the same plugins?

I checked-there were some plugins enabled on production that weren’t on test. I’ve normalized them, that’s helped, but there are still some discrepancies, including the baffling url difference.

The “object” vs “document” difference is puzzling, as Omeka would normally have “items/show” for both. So, there’s something in your setup that is layering something on top of Omeka to switch the URLs.

I also noticed some tiny configuration details between the two sites, for example the settings for Search By Metadata.

I doubt that either of those would affect the size of the file display, though. But it does seem like some customization isn’t in sync between the two. If not in the theme, maybe in a plugin that’s used to display the PDF?

The square thumbnails between the two are totally different in size. (plus one of them looks to have been altered by some sort of performance plugin, maybe at the web server level? I don’t think that’s super relevant but it’s another difference.) The thumbnails on the site where they’re displaying bigger are almost 10 times larger than on the other site.

So, the thumbnail size constraint under Appearance Settings would be worth a look. Note: changing that value won’t change the size of already-uploaded images, so you’d need to either reupload or use the Derivative Images plugin to go back and regenerate bigger thumbnails.

Something is wrong on your test page with css links:

<link href=",,_Html5Media,,_views,,_shared,,_mediaelement,,_mediaelementplayer.css+plugins,,_Html5Media,,_views,,_shared,,_css,,_html5media.css+application,,_views,,_scripts,,_css,,_iconfonts.css+themes,,_gvsu,,_css,,_style.css,Mcc.iVPyPO7BC1.css.pagespeed.cf.BAXjUsTQZp.css" media="all" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">