OAI-Repository (invalid oai url after upgrading to v2.2)

Hello everyone. So nice to be involved in such a great community.
Can someone please help us on the following?

We use the omeka version 2.0 which had preinstalled the oai-repository v.2.0 but unfortunately it didn’t show the direct links in identifiers.

So we upgraded the oai - repository plugin from v.2.0 to v.2.2.

The only problem is that the oai url is invalid wherever we put it eventhough the oai url is the same.

We would be enormously grateful if you could help us with this.



Can you share the URL that’s not working?

Yes of course



It looks like there’s some error in the Identify result, at least:


That’s just a blank error result indicating some fatal error has occurred. You might check your server’s PHP logs, and/or the Omeka manual instructions about retrieving error messages.

The actual “meat” of what the repository does looks fine, at least at a glance:


So the only problem appears on the ‘‘identify’’ process?

If this is the case why this error didn’t occur on previous version of OAI - repository?

I’m not sure. Identify is the simplest verb so it’s odd that it would be causing the issue. That’s why I’d be interested to see any logs or error messages you could come up with.

ok i will check and post any error messages here for future reference.

Thanks’ a lot…!

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