OAI-PMH & Thumbnails


Is there a way to get thumbnails out of Omeka? I am aware that I can pull originals and square images, but the harvesting org wants thumbnails. Any way to make this happen?


Normally, the repository outputs the original files (if the option is set) . To output thumbnails is not really needed for an OAI-PMH repository. If the harvester wants its own thumbnails, normally it should be able to create them as needed with its own size and format.
Else, it’s a small development to do to add an option to output a thumbnail too.

And is there a way to get linked thumbnail images out of the Items show pages?
Thanks in advance!

Problem resolved.
In my case, the page source (html on the browser) of the Item page indicates: <div class=“value resource item_sets”
So, just need to write in the CSS Editor module:

.value.resource.item_sets .resource-link img {

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