Oai-pmh harvester object duplication


We’ve been experimenting with using the OAI Harvester module for Omeka-S to mirror data out of our bespoke collections database for an upcoming crowdsourced transcription project uinsg Scripto. However, it appears at present that when we re-run a harvest to look for new records we end up duplicating the complete collection in the Omeka database. Am I missing something, or does this module currently not have the ability to incrementally harvest new data?

If it helps, the OAI endpoint we’re harvesting is http://oai.historicnewengland.org:8080/oai/oai.php?verb=Identify



Yes, unlike the version for Omeka Classic, there is no check for the previously harvested items. You can remove them all anyway, but in you case, it’s possible. So some improvements are needed for this module.